Professional Course

The vision for our Professional course is to sensitively combine education and business to create a sheltered workshop experience. Participants will learn in a professionally-equipped workshop by producing commercial projects. Learning will focus on repetition through low volume production rather than working on bespoke projects. This approach will embed practical skills and professional practice, free from the constraints of design. Over the duration of our six-month programme a combination of increasingly complex projects will be used to develop a full range and depth of skills to make participants highly employable in the wood craft sector.

Graduates of the programme will leave us with good technical skills in woodworking (by hand and machine), an understanding of professional standards, many hours of practical experience, competence in wood machining and the confidence to move into employment. We also see this programme as the perfect foundation to move into further study of creative design and imagine that some graduates may be keen to consider hot-benching and business incubation opportunities within our Potato Store workshops.

If this sounds like the course for you we recommend a visit to the Sylva Wood Centre to tour the facilities and meet the teachers.

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